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Compliance & Consultation

With over five decades of combined experience, CDI Services has the knowledge and the expertise to provide you peace of mind when it comes to remaining compliant with today's industry standards and regulations.

Detailed Compliance Auditing & Mitigation

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation usually consists of a brief 30-60 Minute meeting which allows us to gain a base understanding of the operations of your organization and what you are hoping to gain from our services.

Follow-Up Consultation

After our clients have had an opportunity to review their detailed reports internally, CDI Services will arrange a follow-up consultation to answer any questions you might have in regards to our findings and mitigation plan.

Field & Facility Audits

CDI Services will then conduct field and facility audits In order to gain an in-depth understanding of the operations of your organization and to highlight key safety infractions.


After mitigation plans have been approved, CDI Services will then assist in the implementation process at the request of our clients.  This is an optional add-on service.

Report Presentation

A detailed report will be provided which outlines the safety infractions that were discovered throughout the course of the audits.  The report will include detailed descriptions of discovered infractions, the standards that they violate, all costly fines and penalties associated with each violation, as well as a detailed mitigation plan.


As some of our existing clients are participating in; Post-implementation monitoring  is a means of preventing re-occurrences as well as identifying new hazards through quarterly site visits.  This is an additional add-on service.

Please Note: Process subject to change based on client requests and operational needs.

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